How Does It Work?

1. Choose your pottery piece
The first step can be the hardest: having to choose from all of our different pieces in store! If you'd like to see what we have in stock before you visit, check out our online gallery here

2. Choose your colours
Next, we'll get you all set up at a paint station where you'll be able to pick out your colours. We have a total of 48 paint colours to choose from, so there's something for everyone! After you've chosen which colours you'd like, we'll pour your paints for you.

3. Paint until your heart's content!
After all that decision making, you're ready to paint your masterpiece. We'll guide you on all the tips and tricks to ensure your piece comes out exactly how you'd like and answer any questions you have during the painting process. Don't be too shy to ask for a paint refill!

4. Leave your piece with us
Once you're done, we'll grab your information and you'll leave your piece with us so that we can glaze and kiln it. 
Fun fact: our kiln gets up to almost 2000°F!

5. Pick up and enjoy your personalized piece!
Once your piece has gone through the kiln, we'll package it and call you to let you know it's all ready. We run the kiln once a week, so you can expect your piece to be ready within 1-2 weeks after painting. Once you receive a call, you can drop by during any of our open hours to pick it up and bring it home.